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01.08.2013 Foreigners to change ID Card for E-Residence Card

This is a notice to all foreigners in Malta who hold an identity card ending in the letter A.

Maltese ID cards ending with the letter A have all expired and had to be renewed with a new application for an E-Residence Card by the end of NOVEMBER. 2013. Those who arrived in Malta after January 1st, 2013 would have to apply too.


Applications may be acquired from:


The Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs,

Evans Building,

St. Elmo Place,



Or download them online from the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS) website:



New e-Residence Card Application Forms

All applicants would need to access the e-Residence Card application forms for differing categories of non-Maltese persons. One can access this link: ( for more information.

Applicants would have to select the correct form in order to complete the relevant documents – any other documents required will be listed within.

Documents required depend on the type of residence application (EU citizen, EEA Citizen, Non-EU citizen).

Benefits of the e-Residence Card Application

1. Discount on Public Transport Tickets

2. To open a Maltese Bank Account

3. To be entitled to identical treatment to that accorded to Maltese nationals in respect of the above.

4. To be entitled to enroll on the EU Parliament Electoral Register under the same conditions as Maltese Citizens. Such application forms will then be passed on to be processed by the Electoral Office.

A Maltese national is required to personally attend the Identity Card Office only once to apply for an identity card which is issued on the same day.

EU law stipulates that as regards non-national EU Citizens, “…the relevant national authority should issue you with a registration certificate – known as an e-Residence Card in Malta – stating your name and address and the date of registration, immediately after presentation of the required documents.”

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I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any prospective property owner, particularly if they are located overseas. Your professional manner allows me to be worry free despite being in a different country.
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